SHOOTING OF THE LAST ARROW (Related to Anand Margiis)

Ordinary people are there for food only, they are known as ANNA PRADHAN. Worldly people are there for worldly enjoyments, and they are known as  SHARIIRA PRADHAN. Ananda Margiis are there for Sadhana, they are known as MANAPRADHAN.Brahmajina´niis are there Brahmasadbha´va, and they are known as  ATMA PRADHAN. Baba had a strong desire that MY boys and girls will become Atma Pradhan, but even after doing Sadhana for 50 years they did not rectify themselves.

Before coming to Ananda Marga, when they lived with their laokik families, they lived with sentiments such as we are Hindus, Bengalee etc. Those propensities did not change even after becoming sanyasiis.  They still live in the dirty-muddy water of divisive tendencies, giving all blames to Baba only. You people are mistaken, Baba never did any mistake. You have not accepted HIS guidance and you are all blaming HIM. This is a big mistake on your part, and you are not accepting what you have done.  Suppose if you accept those mistakes now, and rectify yourselves, and from now onwards you will be able to march towards progress. HE is right in all respects. You did not understand HIM and the greater cause behind HIS actions due to your narrow sentiments.

Why has HE done this, you could not understand, because you thought HE was wrong. There are many examples of people not understanding the teachings of their Guru in the world today, similarly you are also wrong. Baba said and wanted that you people should become more powerful in spirituality.  HE gave Yama and Niyama to establish yourselves in spirituality. But you people did not want to move on that path. This proves that you have not developed deep faith in Baba.

You are playing holi with the blood of your brothers. The establishment of Prout will never be possible in this way.  Until and unless you establish yourselves in Yama and Niyama, you cannot bring Prout.  You consider yourselves as Hanuman, the devotee of RAMA.

The sloka follows:


Hanuman set the fire at the garden of the enemy (Ravana) of RAMA. But you people have set the fire at the garden (AM) of your GURU, who has sacrificed HIS life for the welfare of you all, and the Universe as well. HE underwent a lot of struggles and obstacles and HE was poisoned by the enemies. What not HE tolerated for your welfare and the Universe, but you people have done serious injustices to HIM and HIS mission. You have got food, water and shelter, moreover a respectful life by HIS grace; yet, you did a heinous crime against HIM.  And you have made HIM to sleep on SHARA SHAYYA (cot of arrows).   Open your eyes and ears and listen to what the people of the world are talking about you.  Your slogans and your target is EK CULHA EK CAOKA,  EK HAI MANAV SAMAJ. But you have proved that there is the dirty drain water in the kitchen of Manav Samaj, and the dirty smell has been spread all over the world. I KNOW that you cannot see and cannot hear that what you have done, because you have become deaf and dumb due to narrow selfish ends. You never realized about your GURU and how to make HIM your own, how can you make others as your own? Who are Hindu, Muslim and Christians etc.?

You have proved before the world, that you have done”vishvas ghaat” by your actions and conduct, and also you have proved that you have become GURU DHROHI. Many Margii brothers and sisters have become the followers of you people, so they too could not realize GURU. By the grace of Guru you have moved all over the world and became the top most hypocrites on this earth. Because of you hypocritical hanumans many of the Margiis have been cheated and carried into the dirty drain water of Hindi, Bengalee sentiments. There are not only two divisions; so many internal divisions have taken place.  You people may not be seeing it. But I AM seeing those things clearly.  You people are heinously attacking Baba again and again, so HIS tears are rolling down, I COULD NOT TOLERATE ANY MORE, SO I HAD TO COME TO THIS EARTH. I AM calling the Margiis of entire world.  This type of tortures on Guru was never in the history. Outsiders are saying that this happened because you have related dirty politics with Dharma. Many WTs are involved in this politics, but I say Baba never did any wrong in any way. You people have never followed HIM, and have never followed Yama and Niyama.

Following the GURU VAKYA itself is the PU´JA. Rejecting the instructions of Guru is known VISARJAN OF GURU means GURU BALIDAN.

You have to liberate your intellect and rise above narrow sentiments.  You have reached the climax of an adverse and awkward condition.  You have broken the organization into many pieces; by your sinful actions the organization is getting NAVEL BREATH.  Ananda Nagar is dream land of Baba, which has become Nirananda Nagar, and today it has become a burial ground.

Today I CALL ALL ANANDA MARGIIS to get up and rise up from deep slumber, otherwise the existence of Ananda Marga will be jeopardized.  I HAVE COME JUST BEFORETHE SHOOTING OF THE LAST ARROW TO DESTROY ANANDA MARGA COMPLETELY.

Baba expected that MY sons and daughters will do exceptional works in the world, which have never been in the history. But what happened by you people? Prakruti leads to divisions, Purus´a leads to unity. Seeing your severe divisive tendencies, I FEEL ASHAMED, AND WITH FOLDED HANDS I REQUEST YOU ALL TO RISE A LITTLE ABOVE THE COMMON PEOPLE. You see other organizations like Sai Baba, Ravishankar and Ramadev etc; they are doing very good service works to the society. But you people can do much greater works to the society, because you have socio-economic-philosophy PROUT. In the establishment of works you have to apply your sincere efforts practically, and then the nature will help you. Nothing is possible automatically; no force will jump from sky HE SAID. But you are telling that Baba will do everything, it means you have lost all faith in Guru. If you will follow the path of SATYA and YAMA and NIYAMA the victory is surely yours. IF YOU COME FORWARD TO ACCOMPLISH HIS MISSION, THEN I WILL EXTEND MY FULL COOPERATION WITH YOU.  SO I CAME DOWN JUST TO SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. Let people in the future say, that you people have done a great work, because you were the disciples of ANANDA MURTII.  We too could have done, if we would have been with YOU.

Mahasambhuti Chakradhar