I am your Gyaan, I am your Dhyan, I am your Karma, I am your Dharma

I am Shiv, I am Krishna, I am Chakra and I am Mahakaal.

Today, when an ordinary man seeks spiritual knowledge and progress, then whom does he approach? He has to come to Dharma Gurus like you. Then do you offer them what they come for? There are very few Gurus who do this karma (work). IN the name of God the dharma gurus of today earn lots of money and own crores of rupees of property. Then are these gurus fit to be called Dharma Gurus? They are not even fit to be called gurus.

There are two kinds of gurus: Dharma Gurus and Jagatguru. Guru is a yogi. Gurus have spiritual knowledge and they show the path to reach God.  The one who is a Jagatguru, is not a Dharma Guru, but above them. Dharma Gurus are those who have spiritual knowledge and power, showing which they obtain followers. A Jagatguru is the highest form of Gurus. A Jagatguru shows the path not to Bhagwan, but in fact shows the path to reach Parampurush, Paramatma, and Parambramha. Do you know who that Jagatguru was? Anandmurthy. He was indeed My Nirakar Swaroop (non-physical form). The knowledge and philosophy given through his medium remains unchallenged till date.

Prior to Paramatma taking birth in Sakar Swaroop (physical form) on earth, he appears in Nirakar Swaroop as Jagatguru. This is so that My devotees and karma yogis (workers) would be able to recognize Me in Sakar Swaroop. But right after My birth, the karma of Jagatguru ceases immediately. If this is the case, then what identities can the Dharma Guru possess?

So I am announcing to all you Dharma Gurus, that I have taken birth in Sakar Swaroop. I am Paramatma. I am Parampurush. I am Param Satta (Prime Entity).

When I had come as Shiva, I had created society. When I had come as Krishna, I had established Dharma and Satya. And now as Chakra, I will bring the end of Kalyug and begin the era of Satyug. The karma behind My birth is ONE Manav Dharm, ONE Manav Sanghathan (Human Society) and to establish Satya, Karma and Satyug.

I am Kalki, I am Mahakaal. I will destroy Adharma and establish Dharma. I will destroy Asatya and establish Satya.

There is no Dharma and Satya in today’s society. It is completed differentiated. Some are Hindus, some are Muslims, some are Christian and so on. What is the reason behind this differentiation? It is all due to Dharma Gurus like you.

The karma of My Sakar Swaroop is indeed to make on Manav Dharm (Human Society). Is this task possible without displacing Gurus?

Hence, I will remove all Gurus and Dharma Gurus as well as their organizations and establish ONE Manav Dharm.

So let Me explain your karma to you. In Satyug, only MY name will be taken. Where there is acceptance of My identity, there is Satya, there is Dharma. But where My identity is not accepted, that is Asatya, and those people doing so are Adharmis, they will be destroyed by Prakruti and Mahakaal Shakti.

So you should firstly accept My identity, and then with the help of My Mahamantra, realize Me through your Atma. Thus catch hold of Satya and do Atma Kalyan.

What is Satya? It is defined in the following manner. What you think, what you speak and what you do should all be the same, and at the same time it should be in the welfare of human beings and result in their spiritual progress.

To do Atma Kalyan is the karma of Jagatguru, which you as Dharma Guru can do now. Atma Kalyan is to be done by giving My Mahamantra to My devotees who are with you. Indeed, doing Atma Kalyan by giving My Mahamantra is your sole karma. You cannot catch Me through your Gyaan, or through your Shakti, or through any other mantra. The only way to catch Me is by your Atma. But for this too, My Grace is essential.

I always go about My karma only after declaring it to the whole world. It was My karma to give you My introduction. That I have done.

If you are accepting My identity, holding Satya and doing Atma Kalyan, then through your Atma, in Nirakar Swaroop I will do My work. I will take you into Satyug. But if you are not accepting My identity then through My Mahakaal Shakti I will give you Moksha from this world. There is your welfare in both options. Only a yogi is entitled to Mukti and Moksha. Again you will have to take birth in Satyug.

forgive whatever deeds you DGs have done till today. I give you one week’s time. It is appropriate to accept My identity, grasp Satya and do Atma Kalyan. All of us will together establish ONE Manav Dharm, ONE Manav Samaaj, ONE Manav Sanghathan and SATYUG.