BhaktiYoga, Jina´na Yoga and KarmaYoga

There are three types of yoga to be practiced and to be established in, in order to know and to reach the MahaShaktis that come to this world. After doing so, a person gets intuitional knowledge, only after which will Paramapurusa make him enlightened with the effulgence of knowledge. Intent on attaining this knowledge, Munis and Rishis have been doing Sadhana in the Himalayas since thousands of years. Bhakti without knowledge becomes emotional and sentimental, but knowledge will remove these emotions and sentimentality.  Without knowledge nothing is possible.

Those three yogas are BhaktiYoga, Jina´na  Yoga and KarmaYoga.

Through BhaktiYoga, people are attracted towards Sadguru. After Guru releases knowledge to Bhaktas, only Jina´na  Yogiis will understand what to do and what not to do. When they are enlightened within, they enlighten others. When they move onwards they carry others with them.  Those who are lagging behind are also taken forward.  Maximum people will move on the path of BhaktiYoga, lesser than that will move on the path of Jina´naYoga.  Those who march on Jina´na Yoga will not forget BhaktiYoga.  Bhakti and Jina´na will fuse into one in them, and they merge in A´tma Jina´na.

In BhaktiYoga, people see Paramapurusa externally.  If any problem comes in their way they think that God will solve our problem.   We have to do nothing; everything will be done by Him. In Jina´naYoga they see Paramapurusa within and they become A´tmapradhan. Many people will not go from BhaktiYoga to Jina´na Yoga level.  They depend on Guru only and they surrender to Guru.  The result is a big gap between Bhakta and Bhagavan. But in Jina´na Yoga they merge with Paramapurusa and they see HIM  in each and every atom of this universe. From BhaktiYoga they cannot move towards KarmaYoga.  It is not possible due to lack of knowledge.  BrahmaJina´niis do not have the quality of ks´atriya. Suppose BrahmaYogiis go to KarmaYoga for Vishvakalyan, they will become higher level of KarmaYogiis.

Whoever keeps relationship with the non-physical entity, only they are the greater Sadhakas. If you analyze spirituality there are two branches and they are A´stik and Na´stik. One is Jad´a and the other is Cetana. Jad´a means worshiping imaginary idols made out of stone, wood, mud etc. and Cetana means- Buddha, Caitanyamahaprabhu, Ramakrishna, Kaviir, Nanak and the like.  In Cetana, there are two branches as follows: physical and non-physical.   Physical level is Buddha, Caitanya Nanak etc., but in non-physical State of Nirguna, only omnipresent entity is there.  Those who keep relationship with omnipresence are only greater Sadhakas.  Baba gave Sadhana to raise oneself to this level.  The great Gurus like Sankaracharya, Ramakrishna, Nanak and Caitanya had their relationship with non-physical entity (Nirguna Sthiti), however, their disciples had relationship with their Gurus, who were physical.

It is important not only to become spiritualists but also to become spiritual soldiers. Everything is not possible by BhaktiYoga only. When Jina´na and KarmaYoga coincide with BhaktiYoga such Sadhaka becomes a real spiritualists. Vivekananda was a higher level of spiritualist. you have to be Jina´nii like Vivekananda and a KarmaYogii like Netaji Subhas and you have to become much greater then Netaji Subhas because he had narrow sentiment. You have to liberate the entire Universe.

Whatever Lord Shiva did for the society was not repeated by Lord Kr’sna. Kr’sna also did great work for the society. Strategies differ according to time place and person, but whatever they did, they did for the welfare of the universe. People can understand Krishna in three stages. The highly elevated Brahma Jina´niis were realized about Krishna before His advent and some people could understand His Karmayoga and still others could understand it only after completion of KuruKs´etra war and the establishment of Dharma.  This time, the cosmic plan is something different.

It is the nature of the people to understand things by comparing past works with the present doings. Krishna did it like that, and this time a similar thing should also be there, but Paramapurusa will be always doing in newer and newer ways.

Shiva and Krishna were the same and similar in Jina´naYoga, but in Karmayoga they were very different. Diversity is the nature of Dharma in the external world.

Whatever we see through our two eyes is not everything. We have to see by our Jina´naCaks´u (eye of intuitional knowledge). Buddhi should be converted into bodhi (intuitional knowledge). You have developed your Buddhi by coming near to Baba.  But now if you convert your expanded Buddhi into Bodhi (intuitional knowledge) then only you will be able to do the welfare of the world (Vishvakalyan). At the level of Buddhi there will be a lot of differences, but when you will convert Buddhi into Bodhi those differences will fuse into oneness and your divisive tendencies will disappear. In every place of this universe, everybody is doing His works only.

People like to live with Bhakti and Jina´na Yoga only. I want you to move ahead in KarmaYoga. It doesn’t mean that they are inferior in Bakti and Jina´na Yoga. Whatever you have understood in BhaktiYoga itself is not sufficient. In the absence of Jina´naYoga, feelings of difference arise in the mind. So through their narrow mindedness they say they are Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Biharis, and Bengalees etc. In Jina´naYoga, Sadhakas see oneness in all creatures.

If anyone wants to join with me and work with me, they must be in the climax of BrahmaJin´ana, or very simple and humble like a child. But don’t be in between because I play with them only. Those who are thinking, we have lot of Jin´ana, need not come to me. Krishna came to this earth and called the people for the establishment of Dharma, to walk the path of Dharma, but many people did not respond, even then HIS work was completely done, it has not been stopped.

Mahasambhuti Chakradhar