SHOOTING OF THE LAST ARROW (Related to Anand Margiis)

Ordinary people are there for food only, they are known as ANNA PRADHAN. Worldly people are there for worldly enjoyments, and they are known as  SHARIIRA PRADHAN. Ananda Margiis are there for Sadhana, they are known as MANAPRADHAN.Brahmajina´niis are there Brahmasadbha´va, and they are known as  ATMA PRADHAN. Baba had a strong desire that MY boys and girls will become Atma Pradhan, but even after doing Sadhana for 50 years they did not rectify themselves.

Before coming to Ananda Marga, when they lived with their laokik families, they lived with sentiments such as we are Hindus, Bengalee etc. Those propensities did not change even after becoming sanyasiis.  They still live in the dirty-muddy water of divisive tendencies, giving all blames to Baba only. You people are mistaken, Baba never did any mistake. You have not accepted HIS guidance and you are all blaming HIM. This is a big mistake on your part, and you are not accepting what you have done.  Suppose if you accept those mistakes now, and rectify yourselves, and from now onwards you will be able to march towards progress. HE is right in all respects. You did not understand HIM and the greater cause behind HIS actions due to your narrow sentiments.

Why has HE done this, you could not understand, because you thought HE was wrong. There are many examples of people not understanding the teachings of their Guru in the world today, similarly you are also wrong. Baba said and wanted that you people should become more powerful in spirituality.  HE gave Yama and Niyama to establish yourselves in spirituality. But you people did not want to move on that path. This proves that you have not developed deep faith in Baba.

You are playing holi with the blood of your brothers. The establishment of Prout will never be possible in this way.  Until and unless you establish yourselves in Yama and Niyama, you cannot bring Prout.  You consider yourselves as Hanuman, the devotee of RAMA.

The sloka follows:


Hanuman set the fire at the garden of the enemy (Ravana) of RAMA. But you people have set the fire at the garden (AM) of your GURU, who has sacrificed HIS life for the welfare of you all, and the Universe as well. HE underwent a lot of struggles and obstacles and HE was poisoned by the enemies. What not HE tolerated for your welfare and the Universe, but you people have done serious injustices to HIM and HIS mission. You have got food, water and shelter, moreover a respectful life by HIS grace; yet, you did a heinous crime against HIM.  And you have made HIM to sleep on SHARA SHAYYA (cot of arrows).   Open your eyes and ears and listen to what the people of the world are talking about you.  Your slogans and your target is EK CULHA EK CAOKA,  EK HAI MANAV SAMAJ. But you have proved that there is the dirty drain water in the kitchen of Manav Samaj, and the dirty smell has been spread all over the world. I KNOW that you cannot see and cannot hear that what you have done, because you have become deaf and dumb due to narrow selfish ends. You never realized about your GURU and how to make HIM your own, how can you make others as your own? Who are Hindu, Muslim and Christians etc.?

You have proved before the world, that you have done”vishvas ghaat” by your actions and conduct, and also you have proved that you have become GURU DHROHI. Many Margii brothers and sisters have become the followers of you people, so they too could not realize GURU. By the grace of Guru you have moved all over the world and became the top most hypocrites on this earth. Because of you hypocritical hanumans many of the Margiis have been cheated and carried into the dirty drain water of Hindi, Bengalee sentiments. There are not only two divisions; so many internal divisions have taken place.  You people may not be seeing it. But I AM seeing those things clearly.  You people are heinously attacking Baba again and again, so HIS tears are rolling down, I COULD NOT TOLERATE ANY MORE, SO I HAD TO COME TO THIS EARTH. I AM calling the Margiis of entire world.  This type of tortures on Guru was never in the history. Outsiders are saying that this happened because you have related dirty politics with Dharma. Many WTs are involved in this politics, but I say Baba never did any wrong in any way. You people have never followed HIM, and have never followed Yama and Niyama.

Following the GURU VAKYA itself is the PU´JA. Rejecting the instructions of Guru is known VISARJAN OF GURU means GURU BALIDAN.

You have to liberate your intellect and rise above narrow sentiments.  You have reached the climax of an adverse and awkward condition.  You have broken the organization into many pieces; by your sinful actions the organization is getting NAVEL BREATH.  Ananda Nagar is dream land of Baba, which has become Nirananda Nagar, and today it has become a burial ground.

Today I CALL ALL ANANDA MARGIIS to get up and rise up from deep slumber, otherwise the existence of Ananda Marga will be jeopardized.  I HAVE COME JUST BEFORETHE SHOOTING OF THE LAST ARROW TO DESTROY ANANDA MARGA COMPLETELY.

Baba expected that MY sons and daughters will do exceptional works in the world, which have never been in the history. But what happened by you people? Prakruti leads to divisions, Purus´a leads to unity. Seeing your severe divisive tendencies, I FEEL ASHAMED, AND WITH FOLDED HANDS I REQUEST YOU ALL TO RISE A LITTLE ABOVE THE COMMON PEOPLE. You see other organizations like Sai Baba, Ravishankar and Ramadev etc; they are doing very good service works to the society. But you people can do much greater works to the society, because you have socio-economic-philosophy PROUT. In the establishment of works you have to apply your sincere efforts practically, and then the nature will help you. Nothing is possible automatically; no force will jump from sky HE SAID. But you are telling that Baba will do everything, it means you have lost all faith in Guru. If you will follow the path of SATYA and YAMA and NIYAMA the victory is surely yours. IF YOU COME FORWARD TO ACCOMPLISH HIS MISSION, THEN I WILL EXTEND MY FULL COOPERATION WITH YOU.  SO I CAME DOWN JUST TO SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. Let people in the future say, that you people have done a great work, because you were the disciples of ANANDA MURTII.  We too could have done, if we would have been with YOU.

Mahasambhuti Chakradhar



I am your “ DHAYAN” (Meditation),
I am your “ GYAAN” (Knowledge),
I am your “KARMA” (Action),
I am your “DHARMA” (Existence),
I am “SHIVA” (The Lord Shiva)
I am “KRISHNA” (The Lord Krishna),
I am “CHAKRA” (Present Expression of Param Purush),
I am also “MAHAKAAL” (The power that brings about death).
I am Anandamurti, I am Chakra, and I am the Parampurush. Then why is this differentiation between Anandamurti and Me? Who was P.R. Sarkar? Who was Anandamurti? And now, who is Chakra? And who is Parampurush? In order to recognize me and to know me, it is important that you have to understand My history.
Can you recognize Lord Shiva? Has anyone seen Lord Shiva? Has anyone seen Lord Krishna? They were my SAKAR SWAROOP (Physical Expression).
Who was Anandamurti? He was my Nirakaar Swaroop. Who was P.R. Sarkar? He was not my SAKAR SWAROOP. He was only an ordinary human being. I appeared in his body as Anandamurti, only due to his Samskaras.
Have you heard of Bhakt Prahalad? P.R Sarkar also had the same devotion/Bhakti. He desired a single unified, integrated human society (Samaj) and single religion (dharma). He couldn’t accomplish this task by himself so he asked for help from the Parampurush. So understand this very clearly. PR Sarkar had the characteristics of an ordinary human with the
same powers as that of other people, the same soul as that of others. There is no difference between him and the other people. When he asked for help I appeared in his body.
Do you know why his name was Anandamurti? Because when Paramatma appears in anyone’s human body the person attains Paramananda.
(Ultimate Happiness). Isn’t it? So when he asked for help Chakradhar appeared in his body and he achieved Paramananda (complete state of bliss). So PR Sarkar changed his name and called himself Paramanandamurti which later came to be known as Anandamurti. He established
Ananda Marga, so that humans are able to attain Parampurush by following this path (Marga), so that they may attain him though this Marga.
Anandamurti was a Guru but someone also created him. Who is that who created him? It was Paramatma who created him. Then why all you Ananda Margis continue to remain in the bondage of your Guru? Anandamurti was a Guru. He was My Nirakaar Swaroop. But when Paramatma appears
on earth it is in His Sakar Swaroop. He doesn’t take birth as a Guru. Anandamurti was only a part of Parampurush. He was not sampoorna or complete.
Paramatma has taken birth in this land, on this planet. You can’t do anything about establishing PROUT. Its PARAMBRAMHA CHAKRADHAR’s job. He will establish PROUT. And hence it’s your duty (DHARMA) to surrender yourself at My feet and do my Karma. That entity, which will establish PROUT, is Chakradhar.
Do you know why the  name is Chakradhar? It is a cyclical process or Chakra of Yugas and to complete the cycle or chakra he has come. This is Kalyug and it’s about to end. And do you know which phase of Kalyug this is? It is the phase of Yuga Sandhii (when one Yuga transcends into another). After this comes Satyug. And only once Satya Yuga comes PROUT will comes. Then, tell me, can you Ananda Margis do this work? Even when your Guru couldn’t do it? In the earlier phase Paramatma sent a Guru in the form of Anandamurti. Once his work got over he left this Earth. Now after that Mahakaal has arrived and that entity is Chakra.
Anandamurti was created by Paramatma isn’t it? Then will you hold on to Anandamurti or to Parampurush? See those who are in the bondage of Guru or Guru Bandhan have stagnated. After Anandamurti left what did you all do? Were you able to establish PROUT? You didn’t even have the caliber to hold the organization together properly! You have broken it into pieces!
Those who are responsible are Guru Drohis (Betrayers of Guru). You have broken your Guru too.
The medium through which the message is being sent, is the manifestation or Swaroop of the Mahakaal And no one can escape from it. In future then don’t say Baba forgive us! Since now I am giving you time. Anandamurti has left this earth. Now Mahakaal has appeared and it’s your duty to break away from Guru Bandhan or Bondage and be with Mahakaal. Mahakaal will not leave the Guru Drohis or betrayers of the Guru. They have too many Samskaras and cannot be forgiven. These people have broken HIS organization into pieces. They have even torn apart the guru into fragments. But there are some Margis, who accept HIS existence (existence of Parampurush). This message is for them. HE has appeared in this world in Sakar Swaroop. Those who recognize HIS existence are in Satya, in dharma. And see those
who do not accept are in Asatya.
Why are you called Ananda Margis? Because you are in Ananda Marga. Why did I make Ananda Marga? To go towards Parampurush, to reach or meet Him. But you all have misused it this Marg. If you have that elevation then you will be able to grasp Me. I am your GURU and I am the Parampurush who made that Guru. Parampurush has appeared in Sakaar Swaroop (physical
birth) on this world. It’s your duty to surrender yourself at His feet. If you do so, I will save your Prakruti (physical existence) and your soul. Later as I declare Dharma Mahayuddha, whoever refuses to recognize my existence will surely perish.
He who has followed the Supreme Command, followed Yam Niyama, yet couldn’t recognize Me, grasp Me, I will appear in my Rudra Avataar an instant before their death. It’s in your hand.
Today would be written down in history as I am FREEING you all from Guru’s bondage. It was I who established Ananda Marga. Today I am withdrawing the same Ananda Marga. Then what remains with you? A Guru is a giver but Mahakaal takes all away so I’ll snatch away everything from you. I took away Ananda Marga from you; I took away your Guru, then what remains with you? During Dharma Mahayuddha no one will be with you except me. All your friends, family all will be wiped off, only I will remain. But it will be too late then, even if my thought comes into your mind. As I said, just before death I will reveal myself to you.
This is the AnandaVanii of the present time and for all times in the future. On this date  (September 6, 2009) I have freed all Ananda Margis from the bondage of Guru and on this date I have dissolved Ananda Marga. There will be no vibrations anywhere and you will long for vibrations but will not get any.
I have arrived for your welfare (Kalyan). You are also my children. You have faith in your  Guru, but still you couldn’t even understand your Guru. In the Supreme Command there is a word used in it “LORD”. Your guru gave that word. LORD is Parampurush, and my Sakar Swaroop or Physical manifestation is Chakra. You do “Baba Naam Kevalam” Kirtaan, who is
Baba? That is Anandamurti. And who is Baba of Anandamurti? Me! The Sakar Swaroop, Chakradhar. So please amend your ways.
Today, when I have taken away everything from you, it’s my responsibility to give you something. So I am giving you a way to grasp and hold on to ME. I am giving you the initiation. For your welfare and welfare of the world, for Satya Yuga, and if you want to do something for PROUT, I am giving you the Mahamantra of this Kaal (time)
“OM Parambramha Chakradhar
OM Parambramha Chakradhar
OM Parambramha Chakradhar”

Om is the signifier of my power. Who is Param? Paramatma is Param. Who is Brahma? Everything in Sristii (creation) is my Swaroop (Manifestation) and who is that Brahma? It is my Sakar Swaroop or physical manifestation Chakradhar.
See wherever you are, in whichever situation you may be in, by reciting this Om Parambramha Chakradhar, I’ll do the welfare for your soul. Wherever you may be, my work will start automatically. Mahakaal will always be there with you to protect you. Don’t worry.
Om Parambramha Chakradhar– I’ll end the Kalyug and begin the Satyayuga with this mantra. I’ll be attached 24 hrs with you through this. In future you must not cry Anandamurti what is it happening? We followed you and yet we are in sure dire situation. Anandamurti had said LORD and that’s Me! The moment you recite the mantra I will appear in your soul and
reveal My existence to you.
After this I’ll not give any more time. I have very little time. I’ll establish Satyayuga, I‘ll establish PROUT. If you are able to recognize Me and hold on to Me, it’s fine. But if you do not, then forget about Satyug, you will perish in the beginning of the Dharma Maha Yuddha.
Just recite this mantra once in your life and I’ll emerge in your soul and give you the experience and knowledge of who is Anandamurti, who is Chakradhar, who is Paramatma, what is Sakar Swaroop, what is Nirakaar Swaroop gave you an example. When I appeared in PR Sarkar’s body it was my Nirakaar Swaroop. Similarly, today, my Nirakaar Swaroop is appearing
in the bodies of other mediums and by this I am about to start the work of Mahakaal.
Anandamurti is a part of the Paramatma, but not Paramatma himself. Now it’s time to hold on to me. I have already given you enough knowledge as a Guru. Those of you who recognize and hold on to me I will never leave you. But those who are not able to hold on or don’t want to recognize me it is Adharma and they are Adharmis. I will destroy
them and those associated with them. Mahakaal is not a plaything. In the end let me tell you one thing. I am that Anandamurti I am your Guru. Anandamurti gave PROUT, how will youestablish it? It’s your duty that you assist me, assist this Sakaar Swaroop, and assist Paramatma.
Then using you as medium I will establish Satya Yuga.
Date: 6th September, 2009