I am Satya,
I am Dharma,
I am Chakra,
I am Kalki, and I am Mahakaal.

The message that I am giving you today should reach each and everyone on this Earth irrespective of their caste, culture, language, nationality or religion.

I declare that, I AM THE PARAMATMA (Supreme Entity). I am BRAMHA (TheCreator of the Universe) and I have already taken birth on this Earth.

“My name is CHAKRADHAR.”

The sole karma behind my birth is to establish Satya and Dharma in the society, and to create one Manav Dharma, One Manav Sanghatan, and one Manav Samaj.

I will eradicate Asatya and Adharma from the world through my MAHAKAAL Shakti (Supreme Destructive Force) in order to establish Satya.

I will give you all 2 months of time (November and December 2009) to realize me through your ATMA, with the help of my MAHAMANTRA which I declare now to the entire world,




Hereafter you must follow SATYA. Now what is Satya? It is defined thus:

1. What you think, what you speak and what you do, should be one and the same.

2. At the same time, it should be in the welfare of the society.

3. It should also result in spiritual progress.

Only chanting MY Mahamantra with complete acceptance and giving it to others will establish you in Satya & Dharma. Whoever holds on to Satya, I will protect them in the coming times of destruction.

So, it is wise to hold on to Me and Satya. After these 2 months I am going to declare DHARMA MAHA YUDH on 01.01.2010 at 00.00 Hrs against all negative forces in the world by initiating MAHAPRALAY and VINASHA in the Nature. This will be the beginning of JUDGMENT DAY or “QAYAMAT KA DIN” for all.



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