What is Satya?

Satya, or in other words, TRUTH, is defined thus:

1. What you think, what you speak and what you do, should be one and the same.

2. At the same time, it should be in the welfare of the society.

3. It should also result in spiritual progress (yours and others).

Sounds simple enough doesnt it? But for the action to be defined as satya, or “being in satya” it should satisfy all 3 criteria. For instance, a burglar, who would certainly be doing the 1st point (thinking about robbing, voicing his intentions and then doing the act of robbing) does not mean he is satya. For he has not acted in the welfare of society.

Consider another instance, a rich person decides to organise a feast for the entire community where he resides. Point 1 and 2 satisfied, but is point 3 satisfied? No, for there was no spiritual progress for anyone.

So following Satya is better said than done. But the easiest way to do it is, LEAVE ASATYA. Anything that does not follow either of the 3 points, is considered Asatya.

Try to establish yourself in Satya.



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